95 Gives Leisure Centre really clean and fresh feeling

A leisure centre turned to 95 for a drain deodoriser and changing area cleaner and reodoriser  'We needed to be able to keep the drains sweet smelling - and 95 is of course a great scent, and very cost effective. And better than that we can disinfect and clean the changing area with a very pleasant smell as an added bonus. People really like the scent so we're rolling it out to our other sites too' Centre Technical Manager

GripStrips to the rescue!

A Kent boys school found that a metal walkway between buildings was becoming very slippery after the coating on the surface started to fail. 'SGI's GripStrips were the perfect solution as they are beveled to the edge and predrilled for easy fixing. Unlike many chemical and coating solutions the weather does not affect application as the strips are glued and or screwed into place, giving an instant repair'. Head of Facilities

A can of Helios in every vehicle

County Police Service has a can of SGI Helios in every vehicle...'It's the best all round cleaner for inside and out'

South Coast Scenturion

A South Coast city exhibition and conference centre and long time user of Scenturion mats has been more than pleasantly surprised with the new Scenturion Plus mats and Curve Air Fresheners. Together with the Easy Fresh fans, the facilities' hundred plus toilets and urinals have been transformed again by 40% increase in the pleasant effects of the mango and honeysuckle scented products. As a bonus, the enzyme action of the Scenturion products also continues to aid the recent switch to a largely waterless facility. 'Scenturion always was good value, the new Scenturion Plus with the Scenturion Curve Air Freshener is even better....Really good value, and they do last at least 30 days'. Head of Buildings Management.

SG-80 Fills That Gap

With several failures at trying to fix an ever growing expansion-joint gap in the production floor, a carpet mill asked SGI for help. SG-80 a heavy duty, epoxy resin floor floor screed, with high chemical resistance was chosen to do the job.

'With help from SGI staff and technical experts, who helped with cutting, preparing and repairing the damaged floor,  we feel we have finallly solved this long term problem in our production area' Managing Director

No Pot Holes In This Drive!

South West National Heritage site turns to Road Patch for emergency repairs.

'We couldn't have visitors' and staff vehicles being damaged by the weather damaged drive and parking areas at our site. We needed a proper repair that would take wheeled traffic fairly quickly after application. On the recommendation of a colleague, we tried Road Patch last year, and we are now reordering a further twenty tubs of this first rate product !' Maintenance and Buildings Supervisor