EBA Biological Waste Treatment
EBA Biological Waste Treatment
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EBA Biological Waste Treatment

•  EBA: Creates a colony of active bacterial digesters that
work to keep drain, u bends,
pipes and grease traps free of blockages.
•  EBA: Will biologically degrade grease, oil, cellulose
protein and starch residues.
•  EBA: Does not contain acids, alkalines or caustics.
•  EBA: Completely safe for use around marine or animal
life and will not interfere with the natural bacterial
action associated with septic tanks, ponds and lagoons.
•  EBA: The  addition  of  the  bacterial  culture  will  create  an  active
colony that remains in the system and is re-activated each time that
waste is produced.

5ltr or 20ltr packaging solutions

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EBA Biological Waste Treatment
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