Natura Gel
Natura Gel
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Natura Gel

Biological treatment in gel form for drains and sewers

Contains non-pathogenic, live bacteria cultures.  Excellent for preventing grease, oil, cellulose, egg whites and starches from building up in filters, drainpipes, grease traps and sewage pipes. 

Contains bacteria that destroy egg whites, starch, cellulose,  grease and oil.  Destroys hydrogen sulphide which is responsible for the foul odour of 'rotten eggs'. 

No danger of sustaining burns or injuries, which could occur when acidic or corrosive drainpipe cleaners are used. 

Completely environmentally friendly way of keeping drains and pipes free of blockages.Gel formulation.

Box of 12 bottles (1 litre)

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Natura Gel
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Product Category:
Biological Cleaning and Washing > Bacterial and Enzyme Cleaning
Housekeeping and Janitorial > Blocked Drains