Natura Master
Natura Master
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Natura Master

Biological gel for removal of scale from hygiene facilities

A cleaner for sanitary facilities with a natural lactic acid base for the  removal of unpleasant odours from limestone, fats, bacteria and urinary sediment. 

Prevents corrosion of the chrome plated parts of sanitary equipment and protects them from scratches and stains.  Non-corrosive, does not contain aggressive acids and  metallic parts may be cleaned without harm. 

Pleasant fresh fragrance of mint. 

Box of 12 bottles (750ml)

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Natura Master
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Product Category:
Biological Cleaning and Washing > Bacterial and Enzyme Cleaning
Housekeeping and Janitorial > Blocked Drains
Housekeeping and Janitorial > Hard Surface Cleaning
Housekeeping and Janitorial > Housekeeping